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Gift your family with a beautiful sightseeing flight!

If you would like to walk among the clouds, and admire the scenery of Lake Balaton
from bird's eye view, come and fly with us.
With decades of experience you and your family can feel safe flying with us.
Can be customized on demand.
The story of Lúcia Air:

Master Pilot: Kántás Andor

I started my air services in 1990. The story of Lúcia Air started on the autumn of 2002. I named my aircraft Lúcia, after my (at the time) 9 year old daughter, who had a condition called Rett Syndrome. To this day this aircraft became well known around the world for it's accomplishments, and became an icon in Hungary. With this plane, and my friend Latky Csongor we flew from Keszthely to Sydney, where i established Lúcia Air with the help of my hungarian friends. The goal of this flight was to bring attention to children with heavy disablities, such as my daughter.

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Balatonkeresztúr, Külterület
Balatonkeresztúri Repülőtér
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